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1. Do I need any other equipment to make them work?
If listening to music, simply plug the cable into any iPod, MP3 player or portable media device to enjoy your music. If performing live onstage or rehearsing you will need a wireless transmission system. We are an authorized dealer for Sennheiser and can provide you with their full product line. Please call (800) 589-6531 to speak with a specialist who will help you design your full stage system.
2. Do we supply Custom In-Ear Monitors to International destinations?
You can purchase our Custom In-Ear Monitors from any of our international distributors or you can place your order direct through our online store. When placing an order online, an exact shipping amount is provided when you enter the appropriate mailing address. Please realize that you will be financially responsible for any and all international taxes or tariffs applied by your local customs agency.
3. How long does it take to manufacture a Custom In-Ear Monitor?
Our normal turn around time is 10-14 business days from the time we receive your impressions. We offer a 5 day expedited service package for an additional $100. Please call to speak with a service representative if you wish to pursue this option.
4. Does Ultimate Ears keep the ear impressions or send them back with the order?
We digitally scan all impressions and we keep the originals on file. We do not send back impressions. After two years, we advise you to get new ear impressions for proper future fit.
5. What if my music doesn’t sound right?
If you are experiencing problems with your Custom In-Ear Monitors such as intermittent sound, lack of sound in one earphone, static or distortion the problem may lie within the cable and not the ear-pieces themselves. To fix this problem, detach the cable where the cable and custom in-ear monitor meet. Hold on to the thickest part of the cable and the Custom In-Ear monitor. Apply a little pressure and pull the cable out. Once the cable has been removed, reverse the cables and insert back into the earphones. If the same problem transposes to the different ear, the problem is within the cable and a new cable will need to be ordered. Contact 800-589-6531 or customsales@ultimateears.com to request a new cable.

If the music doesn’t sound full and you have a weak bass response you may have a problem with your seal. Please view the Proper Insertion video to achieve the correct seal.

If you still do not have a great bass response after viewing this video, you may need a fit alteration. Please contact us at customerservice@ultimateears.com to discuss how we can remedy your situation.
6. Do I need or want the passive ambient feature for my Custom In-Ear Monitors?
The passive ambient feature allows environmental or outside noise to mix in with the music. Noise Isolation is reduced from the 26dB to 12dB. This feature is designed primarily to aid professional stage musicians transitioning from traditional wedge speakers to in-ear monitors. Once the artist becomes comfortable with In–Ear Monitors, the ambient port is sealed. Our experience is less than 5% of our artists use this feature.
7. What is the Custom In-Ear Monitor Signal Chain and what kind of equipment is involved?
Please see the attached UE-Tech-Sheet-5.pdf
8. Can UE armatures survive a thump or pop sound from the start up of a portable amplifier? Are these types of sounds damaging to the speakers over time?
Thumps or pops delivered from an amp to any type of speaker driver thumps or pops is not a good thing and should be avoided. This is true even when talking about the most expensive sound drivers in $8000.00 wedges. The system operator needs to be careful to sequence power and signal devices such that pops do not occur. Pops are really a voltage transient that occur when there is energy stored in a circuit component. So for a large PA system, we recommend turning the signal devices on first and let any transients bleed out and reach a steady state before we turn on the power amps (true for an iPod as well). We reverse the order when shutting down.

Another issue that can arise is if the power amp (the headphone amp) is not happy driving low impedance IEMs. To avoid problems of this nature, we suggest buying an inline volume control for less than $10 available at retail electronics stores. Turn the volume (it's just a variable resistance) all the way down and then turn the system on. The in-rush current will be resisted and much of the voltage will drop across the resistor. Thus, the armatures will experience a much smaller (if any at all) pop or thump.
9. How do I find international dealers for Ultimate Ears?
You can locate all the international dealers by heading to this link: http://ultimateears.logitech.com/en-us/custom-in-ear-monitors/custom-dealers/find-dealer
10. Can I cancel or receive a refund on my custom product order?
Your custom product is built to your specification, your order cannot be cancelled, changed, refunded and/or credited for another product purchase after we have received your impressions. Within the first 30 days of receipt of your custom product, you may return for "fit" adjustments. Please see our limited warranty for more specifics. Limited Warranty

Generally, we process payment upon receipt of your order and begin the production of your custom product immediately upon receiving your impressions. If you have not sent your impressions to our Irvine production facility, and you need to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible so that we may remit applicable charges back to your credit card.

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