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Ultimate Ears has been providing Custom In-Ear Monitors to exceptional recording artists for more than a decade and our commitment to comfort, quality and accuracy is unsurpassed in the industry. In our industry, where listening is key, we are committed to providing the ultimate listening experience. Our customers are the best resource for making dynamic cutting edge sound and design changes.

Watch the proper Insertion Video

Proper insertion is critical for optimum performance. Watch the demonstration for proper technique for inserting your custom in-ear monitors.

Nate Young


“Ultimate Ears are the only in-ears that can stay in my ears through the massive amounts of head banging.”

Andy Ebert

Monitor Engineer, Adam Lambert, STP

“When I first mixed in ears I started with molded walkman earphones and went through all sorts of other IEM from different manufacturers. When I bought my first pair of Ultimate Ears UE-5's, I was blown away by their sound and performance. Some months later I started working with UE-7's and was surprised that Ultimate Ears was able to top that experience. They rock! I've used Ultimate Ears ever since and haven't heard anything better yet. Their service and support is excellent.”