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Ultimate Ears has been providing Custom In-Ear Monitors to exceptional recording artists for more than a decade and our commitment to comfort, quality and accuracy is unsurpassed in the industry. In our industry, where listening is key, we are committed to providing the ultimate listening experience. Our customers are the best resource for making dynamic cutting edge sound and design changes.

Watch the proper Insertion Video

Proper insertion is critical for optimum performance. Watch the demonstration for proper technique for inserting your custom in-ear monitors.

Nelson Walti

Monitor Engineer

“The biggest problem with floor monitors is creating a natural sound onstage and they become a big part of a monitor engineer's job each day. The smooth, even response of the UE11's creates an ideal listening environment allowing the artist to concentrate on their performance and the monitor engineer to create quality monitor mixes.”

Bryan Beck

Monitor Engineer, Train

“I been using UE for 6 years and my oldest pair still fits great and sound like the day I got them. Over the years I have upgraded to the triple drivers and the ambients with the different artist I have worked with. I love the way UE is always improving their products based on artists' needs.”