Ultimate Ears 7 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors
USD 850.00
The Custom Ultimate Ears 7 Pro is the most robust and powerful Custom In-Ear Monitor available; ideal for live performances.
3 Proprietary Speakers per Monitor for professional artists on stage.
Included Accessories that come with your Custom In-Ear Monitors: Cleaning Tool, Engraved Carrying Case.
The Custom Ultimate Ears 7 Pro is the most robust and powerful Custom In-Ear Monitor available; ideal for live performances. It offers the most headroom of any professional earpiece on the market and is based on a 2-way crossover design with a single high driver and dual low drivers. It delivers growl, punch and clarity. 

The custom Ultimate Ears 7 Pro is available with the optional ambient feature to allow for stage bleed while controlling the isolation effect.

All of our Custom In-Ear Monitors can be ordered in a variety of colors and personalized with individual artwork. Visit our custom art gallery for inspiration. Please contact one of our trained specialists at (800) 589-6531 if you are interested in personalizing your Ultimate Ears.
Who's using Ultimate Ears?

"Before I got my Ultimate Ears, it was extremely hard to hear my voice in its soft register over all the instruments. I ended up having to push all of the notes very hard in order to hear myself, and it changed the charm of the songs intensely…. I would say without a doubt having Ultimate Ears aided my progression from a beginner, moderate performer, into a fully confident, professional live act. Thanks for that." -- LIGHTS

"My UE7's have changed playing live. They eliminate any issues I have with venue acoustics. Just flawless stage sound every night." -- Joe Principe, Rise Against

“I love, love, love my Ultimate Ears. They fit real good, they sound sublime and they cut out the messy noisy stuff that you usually get on a Duran Duran stage, i.e. what the other band members are doing.” -- Simon LeBon, Duran Duran
Sound Quality
Designed to withstand the rigors of touring, the Ultimate Ears 7 Pro is compatible with all wireless systems. It is also compatible with all portable media devices.  

Housed within the custom shell are 3 individual speakers and an integrated passive crossover that
direct the low-end frequencies to a dedicated speaker for bass, the mid-range frequencies to a speaker for the vocals and the high frequencies to a speaker dedicated for treble.

The Ultimate Ears 7 Pro provides -26dB of isolation and passive noise cancellation.
In The Box
Cleaning Tool
Tool for easy cleaning.
Engraved Carrying Case
Personally engraved black metallic carrying case that protects your Custom In-Ear Monitors.


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