Ultimate Ears Custom In-Ear Reference Monitors
USD 999.00
The Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors are designed for professional studio engineers and producers for use during recording, mixing and mastering.
Developed in collaboration with Capitol Studios. 3 Proprietary Speakers per Monitor.
Included Accessories that come with your Custom In-Ear Monitors
The Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors are designed for professional studio engineers and producers for use during recording, mixing and mastering original music content. Other applications include FOH venue tuning, live recording and mixing. This is also an excellent product for “audiophile” or serious music listener because of its natural and authentic sound reproduction.

The Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors are an industry first and are a combination of the Ultimate Ears pro audio sound along with a flat frequency response curve that has been developed & tuned in collaboration with the historic and widely respected Capitol Studios engineering team. The Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors allow the user to record, mix and master anywhere, anytime because they provide up to -26 dB of noise isolation. Once the product is inserted in the user’s ears, the user is always in the “sweet spot” no matter where they are. This is because the music is being reproduced and delivered directly from the source into one’s ears. Since they are noise isolating, there is no need to be concerned with environmental acoustics and noise. Lightweight and portable, they can be used as an honest base line reference source when recording and mixing in unfamiliar venues. In addition, they can be used on an airplane, in the waiting room or anywhere you can find time to work!

If you demand nothing but the best for recording, mixing or mastering, the Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference Monitors provide the comfort, quality and sound that our professional artists and engineers have come to expect since 1995. They combine a new proprietary design featuring three speaker balanced armature speakers. Other new technology includes a rugged low profile, low distortion cable, dual acoustically tuned sound channels and multiple passive crossover points creating the ultimate in separation, detail and clarity.

Our standard color and art work for this product is an opaque black faceplate, with a clear back housing. The standard art work features the Capitol Studios logo on one side of the monitor and the Ultimate Ears logo on the other.

If you want to choose your own art work, we of course offer a variety of shell colors that can be personalized with individual artwork. Visit our custom art gallery for inspiration. Please contact one of our trained specialists at (800) 589-6531 if you are interested in personalizing your Ultimate Ears.
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Sound Quality
Inside each Custom In-Ear Reference Monitor you'll find three proprietary balanced armature speakers featuring a flat response curve that was developed & tuned in collaboration with Capitol Studios. These in-ear monitors are specifically designed for professional recording, mixing and mastering. The Ultimate Ears In-Ears Reference Monitors are the result years of combined pro audio experience between these two industry leaders. The flat frequency response is consistent, natural and revealing creating an accurate base line of pro audio reproduction that can be trusted by the professional recording engineer & producer no matter the environment. It also allows the engineer and producer to use a single mix that is consistent across many formats.

The Ultimate Ears In-Ear Reference
Monitors stay true to the Ultimate Ears sound heritage and take advantage of the many years of in-ear technology advances that are unique to Ultimate Ears. Passive crossover technology electrically tunes and separates sound frequencies resulting in clarity and detail. The low mid and high frequencies are kept from masking or bleeding into each other. The results are defined and authentic highs, clean & natural vocals and instruments in the mid range and a visceral & powerful low end. In addition, two separate acoustically tuned sound channels keep frequencies separate and balanced until they are delivered to the ear where they blend naturally.

Like all our other Custom In-Ear Monitors, they're compatible with wireless transmission systems and portable media devices.
In the Box
Cleaning Tool
Tool for easy cleaning.
Engraved Carrying Case
Personally engraved black metallic carrying case that protects your Custom In-Ear Monitors.


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