1. Find an Audiologist

Please use our searchable database to find an Ultimate Ears recommended audiologist near you.

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2. Making your ear impressions.

Since each Custom In-Ear Monitor is handmade to perfectly fit your ear, you will need to schedule an appointment with a qualified audiologist near you to create an ear impression of each of your ears. Trust us, this is fast, easy and painless. If you need some reassuring, please check out this video of Chris Cornell getting his ear impressions made.

After your impressions are complete, you will need to send the impressions to us before we can begin manufacturing your new custom in-ear monitors.

3. Instructions For Your Audiologist Appointments

  1. Find an audiologist that is familiar with the process of making an open mouth impression, full shell with a CIC canal. If the audiologist isn’t familiar with the process, Ultimate Ears recommends finding another audiologist.

  2. Call and make an appointment once you’ve found a suitable audiologist. For your appointment, please print out the ear impression instructions for your audiologist as a helpful guideline.

  3. Upon completion of the ear impressions the audiologist will give you your ear impressions in a small box. Please place your order confirmation and ear impressions in a suitable box that will protect the impressions while in transit.

  4. Ship your order confirmation and ear impressions to the following address.

  5.              Ultimate Ears
                 Attn: Lab
                 3 Jenner Street, Suite 180
                 Irvine, CA 92618
                 (800) 589-6531

    We will begin the manufacturing of your custom in-ear monitors on the first business day we receive your ear impressions.
Download Audiologist Instructions